Q: Is Alpha Centura still around?

A: Well, sort of, but not in the same form. They used to have a website but I checked and it’s gone now. They are a general interest sci-fi club now, not Star Trek-centric like when it began. This website is about the early years of the club when it was focused on Star Trek. My understanding is they have up to 15 or so regular members now and they meet the first Friday of every month. I was finally able to attend the Friday night, October 5 2012 meeting:

201210.5 Alpha Meeting

Alpha group as of October 5 2012, Mary Collins at left

Today it’s a social group with sci-fi interests. The one connecting thread between the original Alpha and the group now is George Bates:

George Bates Friday, October 5 2012

You can see George in a number of the gallery images from years ago. George attended Alpha from the start and still goes today. That Friday night was the first time in 36 years that I was at an Alpha meeting:

George Bates and Stan Day Friday, October 5 2012

201211.2 Alpha Meeting

I attended November’s meeting as well. We watched a movie, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much, 1934, 76 minutes.

Here’s Duke McMullen and the current “AlphaCat” Don Juan:

Here’s George Bates with Don Juan, the current AlphaCat:

Below are a couple of shots of my original AlphaCat, Muffin. These images were on a strip of film along with some Alpha images, so they are from the same time as all the other images in the site galleries.

Q: How did the name come about?

Both Carol and someone named Mary Beth Pringle in a newspaper article (which indicated she was the club secretary) said that they liked the name of the star Alpha Centauri, but they wanted something slightly different. Someone (maybe Bibeau) suggested Alpha Centura, everyone liked it and they voted on that to be the name.

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