Alpha Original Staff

Original staff: Carol Keeney (Carol Day), head of Support, Lynne A. Gifford, Staff Adjutant, Kathryn A. Ptacek, head of Command, Melinda Snodgrass, head of Justice, Arlene JohnstonRod Johnston, head of Science, and Ken Bibeau, Chief of Staff.

Alpha Command

Ken Bibeau

Ken was the first “Chief of Staff” that I knew at Alpha.  I never met “Boomer” (see: Other Members) who may have been the very first one.

When I found out Ken had died, I did a search online but came up with very little.  He must have kept a very low profile, and/or stayed away from doing anything on the web.  So I don’t have a lot of information on him other than the estate sale listing which I’ll add below.

He left the club between May and June of 1977.  Many of us thought it was due to “political maneuvering” within the club, but it really wasn’t.  I’m aware of the reasons he left and I agree with the decisions made at the time by all involved.

NM Estate Sales.  2606 General Marshall NE.  N of Menaul, E of Wyoming.
Ken Bibeau Estate, former theatre prop man. Star Trek collection, movie memorabilia, art deco, mid-century lamps, 100s of DVDs, CDs, laser discs, Sci-Fi books, cassette tapes, VHS & Beta format movies, many in collector sets & editions. Audio/video paradise w/more than 100 players from 1940s to present. WWII gas masks, Japanese Samurai sets, fencing equipment, uniforms, hats, air pistols, swords, & canes. Movie marquis, posters & vintage clothing. Thur-Sat. Aug 2-4 [2012].  9a-2.

Lynne A. Gifford

Lynne was the Staff Adjutant. Unfortunately, I don’t have much information on Lynne.  Carol and I have heard she got married and moved to Utah, but we have no way to confirm that.  I have searched for her online and haven’t found anything.  Lynne was very nice and I hope she went on to have a good life.

Melinda Snodgrass

Melinda, head of Justice.  Well, where do we start?  She was born in Los Angeles, California, grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and studied voice at the Conservartorium in Vienna, Austria. She then studied law and worked as lawyer for several years until she started to work as writer and story editor for television projects.

Melinda worked on several stories and teleplays for Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was also a story editor for The Next Generation during the second season and an executive script consultant on the third season. Her script for “The Measure of A Man” was unsolicited, the first such script to be produced for The Next Generation. It was also one of her first scripts she ever wrote.

Kathryn A. Ptacek

Kathryn A. Ptacek was head of Command and was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She received her B. A. in Journalism, with a minor in history, from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, where she was graduated with distinction in 1974.

She has written an historical fantasy series, numerous historical romances under various names, and five horror novels, the latest being In Silence Sealed and Ghost Dance, both published by Tor; her dark fantasy have won the Silver Medal and Gold Medal awards given by the West Coast Review of Books.

Rod and Arlene Johnston

The Johnstons ran the sciences division. Scott Philips, a friend of the Johnston’s son Randy, told me Arlene made some of the best Chex mix he ever had!

Randy sent me the following information: Mom and dad divorced in 1980. I think they were both still active in the club for awhile, but dad sorta started wandering the land in the 80’s and went off the grid. I am pretty sure he is deceased. Mom died in 1996. She was a special education teacher until the day of her passing for APS and she worked at Manzano high school. She was very active in ASFS/Alpha/Bubonicon, as well as being a zoo volunteer docent.

They were the joint heads of the science division and organized monthly events for that group, including science-related field trips to such places as the VLA and the Atomic Museum. They hosted the “After The Alpha Meetings” gatherings at our house which were great fun

Carol Keeney (Dr. Carol Day)

In a Monday, January 19, 1976 article in the New Mexico Daily Lobo they refer to Carol as the “Chief of Communications” for Alpha.  So that may have been her first role there, but I remember her as head of the Support division.  She wound up being a “First Commodore” by the time we stopped attending meetings.

Carol has worked with the disabled since she was 15 and for several years did respite work for families with disabled family members.  Later she was an aide for a disabled couple and this bridged to working at Special Services at UNM for many years.  She left that job when she accepted employment with the State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.  She’s been a Counselor for 25 years.

Her Ph.D. is in Counseling Psychology and she is a Licensed Psychologist.  And yes, that all comes in handy being married to me!

Stan Day

Although I was the club photographer, I wasn’t really part of the core staff running the club.  But I should add my information here so you know who your author is on all this stuff!

I was only a “Lt. Commander” in the club, but I loved every minute of it.  I had a great time photographing the events. I used to draw a lot years ago and I was at a couple of comic conventions with Randy Clark and Scott Philips. I did as much art related things as I could for Alpha such as the signs you’ll see in many of the photos. I made a pretty respectable phaser back then as well.

My parents used to do puppets for a living, and I made most of the puppets they performed with over the years. You can read all about that at my Ron and Mary Kay Puppets website.

I’ve been working as a computer programmer for many years now. I still do a little drawing but it’s mostly on the computer now.

Other Members

Brian A. “Boomer”

Brian (“B. A.”) “Boomer” is mentioned on Page 2 of a January 9, 1976 Albuquerque Tribune article.  In that he says he’s “one of the newer members” of the club at that time.  But a Monday, January 19, 1976 article in the New Mexico Daily Lobo says “Boomer” was “Chief of Staff” of Alpha at that time.  My guess is he may have been the original “Chief of Staff” for Alpha (a slot that Ken Bibeau and later Lynne Gifford would occupy).  Other than these articles, I was unable to find out anything more about “Boomer.”  Carol does not remember him.

Randy W. Clark (1963-2012)

I met Randy in Alpha and saw him at a number of conventions during the years.  I miss him.

The following is from  I’m putting it in here as it was the most complete version I could find. 

Artist Randy W. Clark, a past member of the Albuquerque SF Society, died June 28 from complications of spinal stenosis. He was 48. Clark helped organize the Bubonicon art show in the 1980s and 1990s.

Clark drew for Alpha Centura Communicator, Marty Cantor’s Holier Than Thou, Craig Chrissinger’s Desert Sun, and other fanzines. His artistic talent led to pro assignments inking pages for The Badger (First Comics), created by Mike Baron, and a Parts Unknown mini-series (Eclipse) with writer Beau Smith. He also worked on storyboards for two episodes of The Real Ghostbusters.

The onset of spinal stenosis ended his art career about half a dozen years ago. Then, in 2008, as the result of a fall he was paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair.

Clark is survived by two older brothers and an older sister.

Chris and Shiloh Key

We met Chris Key and Shiloh Furphy early on at Alpha meetings.  They were nice people and eventually got married.  I think they had at least one kid together.  I hope they both went on to have good lives.

Pandora Lamontagne (Taylor)

I was able to contact Pandora and here’s what she told me about her and her family now: I did 20 years in the Navy and am now a proud wife and mom of two incredible boys. I still have my pictures from the SF Conventions. My husband, Doug, also did 20 years in the Navy. My boys are now (2012) 11 and 12.

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